Eldar Dictionary

As already stated in my review of Path of the Warrior (go check it out) I am big Games Workshop Eldar/Aeldari fan. As part of my gaming and collecting Eldar, I enjoy coming up with backstories for characters/units/vehicles. The best way I've found to do this is to lift ideas from the codex and literature (mostly Black Library). With that in mind I have compiled as much info as possible from my collection, in an attempt to make an Eldar Dictionary, of sort. In no way is it a complete list and neither is it my goal to form a fully working dictionary, so please don't ask for English to Eldar or what the Eldar word for potato is. If you need those details then I'm sure google can help you. When I remember to write down the source I will list it below. This is purely for my own benefit and enjoyment. If you enjoy it too, great! Feel free to use it or suggest words to add by dropping a comment below. Thanks.

"Eradicate them all, we can no longer tolerate their filthy presence here." - Warlock Lorith of Alaitoc

*sib: The Eldar word for 'But, however'

+eath: The Eldar word for 'Negation'


Aarthia: Eldar word for 'showing'
Addan: Eldar word for 'white'
addankiamenad: Eldar word for 'ash'
addin: Eldar word for 'dust'
addinav: Eldar word for 'sandman'
Addol: Eldar word for 'transparent'
Aeldari: A catch all term for the races of Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Corsairs, Exodites, Outcast and Craftworld Eldar.
Aethyril: Ancient long dead Sculptor.
ag-: Eldar word for 'False' or 'lying'
Agaith: Literally means 'false face' and is the device which is worn by Harlequins to project their foes worst fears.
Aiek: Eldar word for 'Grasping'
Aiel: Eldar word for 'touching'
Aika: Eldar word for 'holding'
​​aill- (prefix): Eldar word for ''Possibility' or 'would'
Ainaarin: Eldar word for 'expecting'
Ainiluin: Eldar word for 'waiting'
Ainulin: Eldar word for 'delaying'
Aith: Eldar word for 'face'
Aithben: Eldar word for 'nose'
Aithliam: Eldar word for 'mouth'
Alaitocii: From Alaitoc.
Alean: The mythological steed of Khaine.
Aliachemoranthrashe'ill: The swift and final twist of the crescent blade.
am-: Eldar word for 'imperative'
Amure: Eldar word for 'Waning'
An: Eldar word for 'then' or 'next'
Anaris: Literally means 'Dawn Light.'
Anastari: Eldar word for 'raven'
Angau: Eldar word for 'Doom'
Angau: Eldar word for 'fate'
Angaur: Eldar word for 'destiny'
Ann: Eldar word for 'warring one'
Anthemion: An eldar myth about a wanderer with a Golden Harp.
Arathi: Eldar word for 'displaying'
Arathinos: Eldar word for 'manifesting'
Ard: Eldar word for 'Master'
Ardathair: The same as Athair, but pertaining to a higher rank or better skilled and talented Harlequin. This word literally means 'high avatar.'
Ard-Iadanna: Eldar term for 'Pirate Captain'
Are: Eldar word for 'Honoured'
Arebennian: The word given the Harlequin Solitaire.
Arioth: Eldar word for 'yellow'
Arith: Eldar word for 'red'
Arten: Eldar word for 'woman'
Ash: Eldar word for 'world' or 'planet'
Asha: Eldar word for 'Soon' and relates to in the near future
Ashafar: Eldar word for 'Looking'
Ashafares: Eldar word for 'Seeking'
Ashfar: Eldar word for 'Wanting'
Ashkam, asskam: Eldar term for 'Who?'
Asturi: Eldar word for 'respect'
Asurentesh: Asuryan's Heart
Asurmen: The first of the Phoenix Lords, and from which all Dire Avenger Aspect Shrines draw their knowledge of combat from.
Asurya: The Eldar word of Phoenix Lord.
Asuryan: The greatest of all the Eldar Gods, and the one who bears the greatest influence amongst the others in heaven.
at: Term meaning pale or light in colour
Athag: This Eldar word means 'face of.'
Athair: The Eldar word for the Harlequin unit 'the Harlequin Avatar,' and the same one who plays the Laughing God in their plays.
Atherakhia: 'Destruction' is the meaning of this word.
Athesdan: This has implications to the Craftworld Eldar and in Harlequin armies since this word literally means 'high warlock.'
Athe-Sier: Eldar word for 'Exodite Lord'
Athistaur: Literally means 'master mime.'


"Let not fear of death stay your hand nor defeat your courage. The warrior who will prevail is the one who conquers death, who becomes one with death as we have." - Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra

Bad: Eldar word for 'women'

Badb: Eldar word for 'lady'
Badbaltrilas: Literally means 'lady doubled-armed with swords of light.' The reference is rather elusive.
Badd: Eldar word for 'female'
Baharr: Eldar word for 'wind and 'storms'
Bahn: Eldar word for 'energy beam.'
Bahzhakhaim: Literally 'Tempest of Blades' and is the approach taken by the Craftworld of Bail-Tan.
Bal: Eldar word for 'double armed'
Baruth: Eldar word for 'rushing air'
Belac: Eldar word for 'way'
Belah: Eldar word for 'path'
Belar: Eldar word for 'route'
Benathai: The familiar of a Shadow Seer.
Bennan: Eldar word for 'harvesting'
B'fheidir: The Eldar word of 'maybe and perhaps.'​​
Bih: Eldar word for 'it was'
Bionerath: Eldar word for 'Potency held in check'
Bionnearan: Eldar word for 'Concealed'
Bionnenan: Eldar word for 'Potent'
BonioKar: Eldar word for 'Daydreaming'
Boniokel: Eldar word for 'Wonder about it'
Bonnikel: Eldar word for 'Think about it'
Borif: Eldar word for 'Giving'
Borrial: Eldar word for 'gifting'
Bratha: Eldar word for 'adoring'
Brathai: Eldar word for 'caressing'
Brathu: Eldar word for 'Kissing'
Brathu-angau: Literal meaning is 'the kiss of doom/evil' or 'Harlequin kiss.'
breag: Eldar word for 'lie'
breaga: Eldar word for 'deceive'
brion: Eldar word for 'misinform'
Bruath: Eldar word for 'movement'
Bruiith: Eldar word for 'movement'
Bruith: Eldar word for 'Gesture'
Brylidassian: Literally means 'Opener of the Gates of doom.'
Buanial: Eldar word for 'entitling'
Buanna: The literal meaning is 'reaper' or 'shuriken cannon.'
Buanneth: Eldar word for 'gathering'


"Only when you have soared through the morning skies on wings of flame can you understand the Hawk. Only when you have fallen screaming upon those who know they are already dead can you understand the Banshee. Only when you have annihilated those who would oppose you can you truly understand the power of the Dragon. And only one who has travelled but ultimately turned away from each of these paths can understand the Autarch." - Anthrillien Morningchild, Autarch of Yme-Loc
Ca: The Eldar term for 'one'
Cae: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'
Cait: Eldar word for 'punishing'
Camion: Eldar word for 'revenging'
Carrec: Eldar word for 'Soul'
Carrecenad: Literally means 'soulstone.'
Carreciann: Eldar word for 'Wraithguard'
Catu: Eldar word for 'First'
Catumen: Eldar word for 'Ambassador'
Caur-: The Eldar term for 'huge', 'giant' or 'indescribable'
Caurifelliann: Meaning 'giant striding warrior' and is literally means Titan.
Caurmenli: Eldar word for 'Thumb'
Ce: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'

Ceo: The Eldar term for 'God' or 'godlike'

Cera: The Eldar term for 'Greetings' or 'welcoming'
Cerka: The Eldar term for 'Greetings' or 'welcoming'
Cerkish: The Eldar term for 'Greetings' or 'welcoming'
cheapamir: Eldar word for 'think'
cheapmai: Eldar word for 'plan'
cheapon: Eldar word for 'suppose
Cherakan: Eldar word for 'seduction'
Cherakinan: Eldar word for 'romance'
Cherital: Eldar word for 'love'
chom: Eldar word for 'totality'
choma: Eldar word for 'extremely'
chomh: Eldar word for 'very'
Cre-: Eldar word for 'small', 'little' or 'diminutive'
CreDeas: Eldar word for 'gate'
Creidann: The name given to the Harlequin pack grenade launcher, but literally means 'belief-maker.'
Cresistauead: Eldar word for 'Human'


"Every moment of anger, hate, deceit, pain, suffering, pleasure, and desire is mirrored in the power of Chaos. When its legions march, they march to return upon us a ruin that is of our own making." - Arenal, Farseer

Da: Eldar word for 'if'
Dakair: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
Dakar: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
Daras: The Eldar term for 'nine'
Darhathin: Eldar word for 'leg'
Dark: Eldar word for 'ot'
Dath: The Eldar word means 'between.'
Dathedi: This Eldar phrase means 'between colours' and relates to the holo-suit worn by Harlequins but also has implications upon the Eldar vehicle upgrade, the holo-field.
Deash: The Eldar word for 'Door'
Deh: The Eldar term for 'five'
Deikar: The Eldar word for 'there' or being in another place'
​​Deshial: The Eldar word for 'gap'
Desthrin: The Eldar word for 'exit'
Destra: The Eldar word for 'entrance'
Dieleir: The Eldar word for 'Somersault'
Din: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'
Dinne: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'
Distau: The Eldar word for 'mocking'
Distaur: The Eldar word for the Harlequin unit 'mime.'
Disthir: The Eldar word for 'knuckle'
Domanith: The Eldar word for 'stomach'
Dorch: The Eldar word for 'unseen'
Dorcha: The Eldar word for 'dark'
Dorchain: The Eldar word for 'inviisbile'
Draoch-var: A great drake from myth
Dras: The Eldar word for 'shadow' or 'concealment'
Dris: The Eldar word for 'shadow' or 'concealment'
Dyann: The Eldar word for 'Protecting'


"Attack swiftly, and without warning. This is the mantra of the Striking Scorpions – it is the way of all our kind." - Aulirel Doomhand, Striking Scorpion Exarch

ea-: The Eldar word for 'Not'
Eadar: The Eldar word for 'Animal'
eakion: The Eldar word for 'Without, non-conjunction'
eaxamath: The Eldar word for 'forgotten'
Edasam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
Edi: The Eldar word for 'colours'
Edin: The Eldar word for 'Colouring'
Edisam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
Edsam: The Eldar word for 'What?'
Ehk, Ehka, Eihk: The Eldar word for 'Spitting'
Eikal: The Eldar word for 'Orange'​​
Elan-Shemaresh: Exodites World.
Eldanesh: Child of Kurnous and Isha, brother of Ulthanash.
Eldarten: The Eldar word for 'Eldar body'
Elehar: The Eldar word for 'mind'
Elehorn: The Eldar word for 'thinking'
Eliath: The Eldar word for 'parting' and 'endings'
Elith: The Eldar word for 'Farewell'
Elohar: The Eldar word for 'reflection'
Enad: The Eldar word for 'as stone'
EnadLam: The Eldar word for 'stone-speech'
Enaid: The Eldar word for 'stony'
Enarc: The Eldar word for 'gemstone'
Eosik: The Eldar word for 'fearsome'
Eotross: Term given to the 2nd day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Erath: The Eldar word for 'Purple'
Es: The Eldar term for 'two'
Esdainn: The Eldar word for 'Warlock'.
-esh: The Eldar word for 'All'
Esik: The Eldar word for 'dire'
Esika, Esik, Eosik: The Eldar word for 'terrible'
EsikCaman: The Eldar word for 'Dire Avengers'
Estera, Estrea, Esterae: The Eldar word for 'Like, appreciate'
Estu: Eldar word for 'Second'
Eta: The Eldar term for 'ten'


''I have seen the future, and it is death" - Avenelle, Farseer

Faeluchu: The Eldar word for 'hawk'
Failleanan: The Eldar word for 'soul grafting'
Fainnaid: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dexterous'
Faolchu: The Great Falcon and friend to Eldanesh.
Far: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
Faras: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
Fare: The Eldar word for 'making'
Fareth: The Eldar word for 'creating'
Fari: The Eldar word for 'watching' and/or 'seeing'
Farture: The Eldar word for 'weapon'
Feik: The Eldar word for 'Below'
Fein: The Eldar word for 'Above'
Feis: The Eldar word for 'support (green)'
Felchu: The Eldar word for 'bird of prey'
Fell: The Eldar word for 'striding'
Fhir: The Eldar word for 'honesty'
Fhirin: The Eldar word for 'Truth, honesty, perception'
Fhirinne: The Eldar word for 'perception'
Fiallathandirel: The Eldar word for 'Wall against Evil'
Finnaidann: The Eldar word for 'swift warrior'
Finnail: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dextrous'
Finneth: The Eldar word for 'agile' or 'dextrous'
Foek: The Eldar word for 'undermine (Agressive)'
Foen: The Eldar word for 'overshadow (Agressive)'
Furith: The Eldar word for 'causing to be'
Furta: The Eldar word for 'future'
Furtafar: The Eldar word for 'see you later'
Furte: The Eldar word for 'destiny'
Furto: The Eldar word for 'foreknowledge'


"May the winds of fate guide my sword" - Baharroth
Gaied: The Eldar word for 'chest'
Garem: The Eldar word for 'How?'
Gariam: The Eldar word for 'How?'
Garisam: The Eldar word for 'How?'
Garoth: The Eldar word for 'lamenting (moaning)'
Gceilan: The Eldar word for 'hiding'
Gceilfi: The Eldar word for 'Concealment'
Gcheil: The Eldar word for 'evasion'
Gea: The Eldar word for 'Unknown Female Deity.'
Geir: The Eldar word for 'fast'
Gergilath: The Harlequin word for 'belt of speed.'
Gilath: The Eldar word for 'Belt'
Gona: The Eldar word for 'Until'
Gorach: The Eldar word for 'laughing'
Gorach: The Eldar word of 'head.'
Gorash: The Eldar word for 'jesting'
Grech: Literal meaning is 'scream.'


"We have made battle in this place before. We have fought and won. Fought because we knew that we must. We won, and brought upon ourselves glory that will not fade as long as Ulthwé thrives. Now we are called to battle again. Must we perform a duty which we have already accomplished? If we fight and fail, are our former victories tarnished?" - Farseer Caerys of Ulthwé

Hara: The Eldar word for 'vital fluids'
Harai: The Eldar word for 'vital fluids'
Haras: The Eldar word for 'blood'
Hasoi: The Eldar word for 'inside' or 'within'
hela: The Eldar word for 'penetrate (Aggressive)'
Herethuin: Minimalist art form.
Hesh: The Eldar word for 'surrounding (aggressive)'
Hish: The Eldar word for 'around'


"We are like echoes in a cave, or waves upon the water: performing our part every time we are called. We who have glimpsed into the flow of time see that it is exactly such vast confluence, paths crossed and re-crossed. All are swept along. And we Eldar, masters of hindsight, insight, and foresight are bound that much more tightly to our duty than the ignorant, the belligerent, the blind.
When one truly understands fate as it is, myriad branching paths, then one can truly see that duty is cleaving to a particular fate, and glory is the accomplishment of duty’s ends. When we are true to the nature of the Eldar, we cannot fail." - Farseer Caerys of Ulthwé

i-: The Eldar word for 'Long', 'great' or 'big'
Iad: The Eldar word for 'casting out'
Iadanna: The Eldar word for 'Eldar Pirates'
Iall: The Eldar word for 'sending'
Iam: The Eldar word for 'I'
-ian: The Eldar word for 'Heavenly', 'religious'
Iarr, Iaer: The Eldar word for 'Questing'
Iarstill: The Eldar word for 'sword'
-ibb: The Eldar word for 'physicality', 'mundane'
Id: The Eldar word for 'throwing'
Idain: The Eldar word for 'Farseer'
Iem: The Eldar word for 'we'
Ifeth: The Eldar word for 'void'
Ifiath: The Eldar word for 'Obscurity'
Ifieth: The Eldar word for 'darkness'
Ika: The Eldar word for 'glorious', 'marvellous' or 'impressive'
Ill-: The Eldar word for 'no longer'
IllMureead: The Eldar word for 'Tyranids'
Illrun: The Eldar word for 'City'
Illudran: Artist. Creator of the Monument to Glories of Impudence.
Imuluan: A Combat Art form.
-iok: The Eldar word for 'Hellish' or 'underworld'
Iolox: Term given to the 4th day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Ish-: Eldar Term for 'opposite of'
Isha: The Eldar Goddess of both creation and the harvest, who created the Eldar race and who loved her people without question.
Ishar: The Eldar word for 'mother'
Ishill: The Eldar word for 'still'
Istau/Istu: The Eldar word for 'quiet'
Istaur: The Eldar word for 'silent'
Istrill: The Eldar word for 'decision'
Istu-Karun: The Eldar word for 'Eldar Scouts'
Isturrath: The Eldar word for 'miming'
Isturriath: The Eldar word for 'choking'
Isturrith: The Eldar word for 'whispering'
ituelean: Another term for 'shuriken cannon'
Iyalith: The Eldar word for 'Jump'


"They shall come, expecting the obvious, the simple, the artless. They shall stab at the shadows with confused minds and troubled hearts. Meanwhile, we shall appear unseen from ten directions, and from every one strike a fatal blow." - ​​Farseer Caerys of Ulthwé

Jain: The Eldar word for 'storm.'
Jain Zar: The Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees.
jheka: The Eldar word for 'between'
JiorQuas: The Eldar word for 'The Warp'
Jois: The Eldar word for 'can'
Joisa: The Eldar word for 'have the ability'
Joiso: The Eldar word for 'are able to'


"Behold, the fiery destroyer of worlds. I walk again, a god among mere mortals." - Avatar of Khaine

Kaela: An Eldar adverb, which literally means 'bloody.'
Kaela Mensha Khaine: The Eldar God of War whose was all but destroyed by the Yngir when they fought and cast down into the form of the mighty Eldar Avatars which reside within the centres of each of the Craftworlds.
Kaelis Ra: This Eldar word, meaning 'destroyer of light' refers to the Necron C'Tan, the Nightbringer.
Kahli: The Eldar word for 'Presaging'
Kal: The Eldar word for 'they'
Kan: The Eldar term for 'four'
Karan: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
Karandras: The Phoenix Lord who was not first of the Striking Scorpions but serves as a potent icon of death for them none the less, and who carries the Scorpion's claw and mandi-blasters.
Karun: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
Kel: The Eldar word for 'it'
Kerun: The Eldar word for 'hunting'
Kerun: The Eldar word for 'moon'
Khal: The Eldar word for 'Heralding'
Khalir: The Eldar word for 'Bringing'
Khanel: The Eldar word for 'neck'
Khanish: The Eldar word for 'head'
Kharanir: The Eldar word for 'bearing'
Kharanis: The Eldar word for 'gifting'
Kharant: The Eldar word for 'giving'
Kiam: The Eldar word for 'fire'
kiamenad: The Eldar word for 'desert'
Kian: The Eldar word for 'flame'
kianenad: The Eldar word for 'wasteland'
Kiar: The Eldar word for 'skill'
kienadda: The Eldar word for 'inhospitable'
Kiest: The Eldar word for 'mastery'
Kion*: The Eldar word for 'with', 'and' or 'conjunction'
Kionash: The Eldar word for 'Craftworld'
Kiram: The Eldar word for 'inferno'
Koem: The Eldar word for 'standing'
Koesh: The Eldar word for 'towering'
Koruan: The Eldar word for 'waiting'
Kuras: The Eldar word for 'Worm'
Kurnous: Another Eldar God of which little is known about him or his role within the Eldar myths and legends, but what is known is that he is depicted as the hunter.
Kurom: The Eldar word for 'Dragon'
Kuron: The Eldar word for 'Beast'


"No barrier, no enemy will thwart my purpose. This night I bring him the dream of death!" - Lord-Phoenix Dreamspinner, Ghost-Warrior Iyanden Craftworld

Lam: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
Lamarti: Term given to the 1st day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Lambruith: The complex system of hand signals used by the Harlequin Mimes.
LamEldannar: The Eldar word for 'the Eldar language'
Lan: The Eldar word for 'bright'
Lann: The Eldar word for 'illuminated'
Lantillifieth: the Eldar word for 'bright slayer of darkness.'​​
Larrasurath: The Eldar word for 'Dreadnought,' and is also translated as 'questing warrior.'
Las: The Eldar word for 'glowing'
Lavair: The Eldar word for 'welcomer.'
Leanir: The Eldar word for 'shoulder'
Leram: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
lia-: The Eldar word for 'again' or 'recurrence'
Liam: The Eldar word for 'Language' or 'speech'
Lianderin Trees: Pale silver trunks, yellow flowers, dark green leaves.
Lileath/Lilcarth: The Eldar Goddess of Dreams, and whose name takes two forms, Lileath and Lilcarth, which literally mean the same Eldar Goddess.
Lir: The Eldar word for 'Heart'
Liran: The Eldar word for 'Home'
Liras: The Eldar word for 'Town'
Lirun: The Eldar word for 'Settlement'
Littlewings: Bird type creature.
Lohiac: Eldar world attacked by Sssair Gleaming Greater deamon of Slaanesh.
Losse: The Eldar word for 'Iron'
Losseainn: The Eldar word for 'Space Marine'


"There is no corner of the galaxy that has not felt the eagle-keen gaze of Alaitoc." - Elarique Swiftblade, Autarch of Alaitoc

MairNovis: The Eldar word for 'Jetbikes'
MairNovis: The Eldar word for 'speedy'
Man: The Eldar word for 'Death'
Marathag: Literally means 'face of death,' and is the name given the Harlequin rictus mask.
Marg: The Eldar word for 'Death'
Margorach: The Eldar word for 'death hands,' but also means Death Jester.
Marsgrech: 'screaming death' or the common name for this Eldar word is bio-explosive shuriken.
Maugan Ra: The Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers, and the Lord which spends most of his time in the Eye of Terror, attacking his foes with deadly accuracy with his shuriken cannon.
Maugetar: The weapon wielded by Maugan Ra, which takes the form of a shuriken cannon with attached executioner, and the literal meaning for the Eldar word is 'harverster.'
Mean: The Eldar word for 'striking'
MeanTokath: The Eldar word for 'Striking Scorpions'
Mear: The Eldar word for 'Swift'
Mear-feothan: The Eldar word for 'Scout Walker'
Mear-Feothan: A word with two meanings, 'storm' and 'typhoon,' which are similar in context.
MearNovas: The Eldar word for 'Swooping Hawks'
Men: The Eldar word for 'hand.'
Menlia: The Eldar word for 'finger'
Menliadeng: The Eldar word for 'fingernail'
Menshad Korum: The Eldar word of 'Exarch,' but has the exact meaning of 'hunter in pursuit of himself,' and reflects upon their goal for personal perfection.
Meokan: The Eldar word for 'Striking, with purpose, being an objective'
Metos: The Eldar word for 'being an objective'
Mile'ionahd: The Eldar word for 'warrior of wonder', or 'warrior of surprise'
Min: The weak link in the chain that bound vaul to his anvil.
Minnan: The Eldar word for 'Clean'
Mirianathir: Mother of the Desert wind
Mironin: The Eldar word for 'preserved'
Mirrotuis: The Eldar word for 'maintained'
Mon-Keigh: Relates to any non-Eldar species that they see as needing elimination, such as humans, but humans are the common translation for this Eldar term. This is the word given to any race which is in need of extermination or deemed inferior to the Eldar in any way.
Mor: The Eldar word for 'death.'
Morai-Heg: Known as the Crone, who is the Eldar God of Fate and Souls, and believed to be the guiding spirit behind all plans and that of fate.
Morenn: Literal meaning is 'destruction.'
Muan: The Eldar word for 'foot'
Muanlia: The Eldar word for 'toe'
Muraddin: Eldar word for 'sand'
Mure: The Eldar word for 'Death'
Murehk: Literally means the 'sting of the wasp,' but is the name given to the Eldar shuriken pistol.
Murekhalir: The Eldar word for 'Deathbringer, also another term for Slaanesh


"The gaze of Alaitoc sees all, there will be no escape for you" - Eldorath Starbane

na: The Eldar word for 'and'
Nan: The Eldar word for 'insect'
Nanar: The Eldar word for 'spider'
Naran: The Eldar word for 'crustation'
Neosfai: The Eldar word for 'may become'
Neosfail: The Eldar word for 'could be'
Neosfi: The Eldar word for 'may have been'
Notak: The Eldar word for 'weightless'
Novar: The Eldar word for 'Wing'
Novas: The Eldar word for 'Hawk'
Novi: The Eldar word for 'floating'
Novine: The Eldar word for 'Bird'
Novis, Novi, Notak: The Eldar word for 'flying'
-oa: The Eldar word for 'Unspecified number greater than 1'


"What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea." - Eldard Ulthran

Ofell: The Eldar word for 'striding'
Offig: The Eldar word for 'striding'
Offigascarath: The Eldar word for the War Walker but literally means 'striding warrior.'
Oiche: The Eldar word for 'come' or 'arrive'
Olithos: The Eldar word for 'axe'
Orion: The Eldar word for 'Constellations'
Oriosa: The Eldar word for 'stars'
Orioss: The Eldar word for 'voidness'
Orkan: The Eldar word for 'Green'
Orkead: The Eldar word for 'Orks'
Orthos: The Eldar word for 'mythical'
Orthrun: Term given to the 6th day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Ortos: The Eldar word for 'fictional'
Ortos, Orthos, Orthar: The Eldar word for 'story'
otBuanna: The Eldar word for 'Dark Reapers'
otEsdainn: The Eldar word for 'Shadow Seer'
Otesh: The Eldar word for 'Grey'


"He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it" - Eldrad Ulthran

Palam: The Eldar word for 'Why?'
Paliam: The Eldar word for 'Why?'
Palisam: The Eldar word for 'Why?'
Partecion: The Eldar word for 'brain'
Parteilath: The Eldar word for 'waist'
Parten: The Eldar word for 'body'
Partente: The Eldar word for 'skin'
Pikaart: The Eldar word for 'decorated'
Pikarid: The Eldar word for 'well made'
Piost: The Eldar word for 'burnished'


"All the stars in the sky cannot blot out the hateful glare of the red moon's eye. The birthing place of the Great Enemy pulses with all the malice of a daemon that is dreaming, casting its shadow over all we have ever done and all we ever shall" - Eldrad Ulthran

Quaarin: The Eldar word for 'psyker'
Qualistar: The Eldar word for 'sorcerer'
Quan: The Eldar word for 'of the warp' or 'magic'
Quanish: The Eldar word for 'ankle'
Quas, Quan, Quass: The Eldar word for 'the warp'
QuasNanar: The Eldar word for 'Warp Spiders'
Quass: The Eldar word for 'warp creatures'
Quisach: The Eldar word for 'wrist'


"When there is no other way, the perilous path is the only road to salvation" - Eldrad Ulthran

Ra: The Eldar word for soul.
Rage: The Eldar word for 'reflected'
raibh, : The Eldar word for 'night'
raibha: The Eldar word for 'stillness'
raiph: The Eldar word for 'dreams'
Redam, richam: The Eldar word for 'Where?'
Rega: The Eldar word for 'distorted'
regaen: The Eldar word for 'Upside down'
Reu: The Eldar term for 'eight'
Rhiantha: Literally means 'the starlight which shines upon the water of Rhidhol in the winter', but is loosely means 'mourner.'
Rhidhol: A place in Eldar mythology, unknown whether it is fictional or whether it actually existed.
Riath: The Eldar word for 'shouting' or 'calling'
riga: The Eldar word for 'reversed'
Rilli: The Eldar word for 'shimmering'
Rilli: The Eldar word for 'confusion​​
Rillie: The Eldar word for 'glittering'
Rillietann: The Eldar word for 'Harlequin.'
Rillisliddian: The loose term for 'shooting star,' but the more exact phrase is 'shimmering heavenly body'
Rith: The Eldar word for 'shouting' or 'calling'
Roisin: The Eldar word for 'rose'
Rrith: The Eldar word for 'Speaking', 'Saying' or 'Mouthing'
Rroth, Rothe, : The Eldar word for 'shouting' or 'calling'


"Since the time of The Fall, our race has been haunted by what we, in our reckless pursuit of hedonistic indulgence, gave birth to. Though our dreams once overturned worlds and quenched suns, we are now but fitful shadows clinging to the edge of existence. All the stars in the sky cannot blot out the hateful glare of the Red Moon's Eye. The birthing place of The Great Enemy pulses with all the malice of a daemon that is dreaming, casting its shadow over all we have ever done and all we ever shall. Every twisted strand of Fate and casting of the Runes leads me to this time, to this place, and it is clear that the final battle awaits me at the ancient Crone Worlds. A conflict the likes of which has not been seen since the Mon-keigh warred amongst themselves, and their corpse of a seer fell to his traitorous son, is coming and all my steps lead towards it, no matter that I walk other paths. I see the stars stained red with the blood of the Mon-Keigh and, though their wars do not concern me and I would gladly let them destroy one another, I know that to avoid this fight is to condemn my race to inevitable doom. And though all I see is darkness, I know that I will not flinch from my destiny" - Eldrad Ulthran

Saim: This word has two meanings, 'snake' and 'secret knowledge.'
Scuraith: The Eldar word for 'walking'
Scurath: The Eldar word for 'walking'
Scurathainn: The Eldar word for 'Walkers'
Seach-: Requires a prefix a the end but on it's own means 'deception.'
Seachmall: The Eldar word of 'illusion', which deals is often used in conjuction with the Harlequins.
Seachran: Similar to Seachmall in that the two words mean similar things, but Seachran literally means 'delusion.'
Seira: The Eldar word for 'dispersed'
sema: The Eldar word for 'Turned away from'
Sercam: The Eldar word for 'Web'
Sercamarith: The Eldar word for 'Web of Skulls'
SercamBelach: The Eldar word for 'Webway'
Shad: The Eldar word for 'Spear'
Shai'naid - the Endless Winding Serpent (Hive Fleet Naga)
Sha'eil: The Eldar word for 'Hell'
Shelwe: The Eldar word for 'song.'
Shem: The Eldar word for 'tears'
Sheman: The Eldar word for 'Mourning'
Shemas: The Eldar word for 'tears'
Shemash: The Eldar word for 'world'.
Shenestra: The Eldar word for 'Damnation'
Shiasta: The Eldar word for 'history'
Sial: The Eldar word for 'Near'
Siar: The Eldar word for 'dispersed'
Sier: The Eldar word for 'scattered'​​
Sierann: The Eldar word for 'Exodite Dragon Knights'
Sierbann: The Eldar word for 'scatter laser'.
Sin*: The Eldar word for 'That which is given'
Sindra: Term given to the 3rd day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Siolka: The Eldar word for 'Redemption'
Sista: The Eldar word for 'past'
Sistau: The Eldar word for 'wisdom'
Slaan: The Eldar word for 'Slaan'
Slidd: The Eldar word for 'Stars'
Soek*: The Eldar word for 'While', 'at the same time as' or 'also'
SoemIsh-soam: The Eldar word for 'weapons platform'
Sol: The Eldar word for 'One'
Solerant*: The Eldar word for 'About to happen'
Starwalk: to take your own life.
Subarn: The Eldar word for 'constructed'
Subast: The Eldar word for 'articial'
Subeliast: The Eldar word for 'Contribution'
Subest: The Eldar word for 'created'
Subhar: The Eldar word for 'Computer'
Suda: The Eldar word for 'Something, whatever'
Suin: The Eldar word for 'wailing'
Suin Daellae: The Eldar word for the 'wailing doom,' i.e. the Avatars weapon!.
Suin Daellea: The Eldar word for 'The doom that wails'​​

SuinMure: The Eldar word for 'Howling Banshees'

Suith: The Eldar word for 'Dance'
Suitheakion-Eliath: The Eldar word for 'The Dance Without End'
Suithimarith: The Eldar word for 'The Dance of Skulls'
Sun: The Eldar term for 'six'
Sunwings: Dragonflies, darts of yellow.
Surathin: The Eldar word for 'Dice'


"The wind whipping across your face as your blades whip across the throats of the foe. It makes the blood sing" - Hrythar Dreamweave, Wild Rider

Tag: The Eldar word for 'descend'
Tageth: The Eldar word for 'fall'
Tagtha: The Eldar word for 'down'
Tain: The Eldar word for 'ender'
Taluclu: The Eldar word for 'Meeting'
Tann, Tainn, Tonn: The Eldar word for 'Spirit'
Tannascurath: The Eldar word for 'Spirit warrior'
tava: The Eldar word for 'Right of'
temam: The Eldar word for 'when?'
tera: The Eldar word for 'Left of'
Tesstrassa: Term given to the 5th day of the week. Note there is only 6 days in the Eldar week.
Thara, Tharet, Thareith: The Eldar word for 'Here, Being in this place'
Theliol, , Thelriann: The Eldar word for 'hole'
Thelios: The Eldar word for 'Absence'
Thelriann: The Eldar word for 'Lack'
Tial: The Eldar word for 'Far from'
Till: The Eldar word for 'slayer'
timam: The Eldar word for 'when?'
Tir: The Eldar term for 'three'
Tirtu: Eldar word for 'Third'
Tiusich: The Eldar word for 'honouring'
Toill: The Eldar word for 'butcher'
Tokath: The Eldar word for 'scorpion'
Tomam: The Eldar word for 'when?'
Tonesh: The Eldar word for 'Blue'
Torev: The Eldar word for 'Brown'
Tossirial: The Eldar word for 'stream'
Tossirian: The Eldar word for 'Rivers'
Tosthuich: The Eldar word for 'lake'
Tri: The Eldar word for 'sabre'
Trill: The Eldar word for 'blade'
Tuelean: The Eldar word for shuriken catapult.
Tuisach: The Eldar word for 'honouring'
Tuisich: The Eldar word for 'honouring'
Tuisich-Novasmair: The Eldar word for 'Lord-Pheonix or Phoenix Lords'
turfen: The Eldar word for 'in opposition to'
turt: The Eldar word for 'Facing'
turta: The Eldar word for 'opposite'


"The portents are good, the Warp flows strong and pure here. Our sorcery will undo the foul slaves of the dark powers" - Iraelun, Alaitoc Farseer

ual: The Eldar word for 'you'
Ucan: The Eldar word for 'behind'
Ucat: The​​
uel: The Eldar word for 'They'
uial: The Eldar word for 'Touching' or 'in contact with'
Ulia: The Eldar word for 'deception'
Uliar: The Eldar word for 'charade'
Ulieth: The Eldar word for 'Masque, Charade, Deception'
Ulthanash: Child of Kurnous and Isha, brother of Eldanash.
Unan: The Eldar word for 'precede'
Uom: The Eldar word for 'before'
Urge: The Eldar word for 'Philosophy'
Urgebelach: The Philosophy of the Eldar Webway, which also describes the effects of the Webway to Craftworld Eldar who travel through it.
Ut: The Eldar term for 'seven'


"My only remaining pleasure is to bring death to the enemies of my Craft World" - Lord-Phoenix Ironstorm, Spirit-Warrior of the Biel-Tan Craftworld

Vaul: The Eldar smith god who created what is believed to be the first direswords for Khaine and his warriors when he was fighting the Yngir.
vyal: The Eldar word for 'Part of'


"The universe is tripatite: the sunlight of the material plane, the darkness of the spirit plane, and the twilight of the spaces betwixt the two" - Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal

We: The Eldar word for 'Singing'
Wea: The Eldar word for 'Band'
Were: The Eldar word for 'Chorus'
Wintervoid of Meios: Area of space.
Woris: The Eldar word for 'Group'


"I bring only death and leave only corpses" - Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees Jain Zar

Xama: The Eldar word for 'Memory'
Xamanth: The Eldar word for 'Repository of Knowledge'
Xamath: The Eldar word for 'Remembered'
Xia: The Eldar word for 'in fact'
Xias: The Eldar word for 'correctness'
Xios: The Eldar word for 'truthfully'


"Gather the dead for war, let them join our ranks, lest we are forced to join theirs" - Farseer Kelmon

Yirraith: The Eldar word for 'eye'
yirrikShad: The Eldar word for 'Shining Spears'
Yngir: The Eldar word the for the C'Tan star gods of the Necrontyr, which relates to demi-gods.
Ynnead: The God of the Eldar dead, unto which all Eldar spirits passed unto before the Great Enemy came into existence.


"The young do not desire the discipline of the Path, but rather their curiosity drives them to try every fruit from the tree. Thus it is that so many take the Path of Wandering or the Path of Damnation in their first years of adulthood, and so the great tragedy of our kind is played out again and again as the number of our people shrink from generation to generation" - Kysaduras the Anchorite, Introspections Upon Perfection

Zain: The Eldar word for 'breaking'
Zaineth: The Eldar word for 'break'
Zamorshemash: Literally means 'The World of bloodied sword.'
Zapat: The Eldar word for 'Bow'
Zar: The Eldar word for 'silence.'
Zenil: The Eldar word for 'broken'
Zhai: The Eldar word for 'blade.'


"There is no art more beautiful and diverse as the art of death" - Laconfir of Biel-Tan

Eldar numbers (One to Ten)

One: Ca
Two: Es
Three: Tir
Four: Kan
Five: Deh
Six: Sun
Seven: Ut
Eight: Reu
Nine: Daras
Ten: Eta

Days of the Week

"Eradicate them all, we can no longer tolerate their filthy presence here" - Warlock Lorith of Alaitoc

Eldar Days of the Week. They use a six day system.



"Make no mistake, Human. We do not fight for your Emperor. We fight against Horus" - Lord-Phoenix Madallaith, Biel-tan


Abrahasil: Korlandril's mentor and a great artist.
Ailill Nuada: Shadowseer and a member of the Conclave of Tears
Alaiteir: Alaitoc Farseer.
Alanthrasil Swiftblade: Pirate Prince. His full name is Aliachemoranthrashe'ill, translated as "the swift and final twist of the crescent blade." He was born on Biel-tan and is a master of the combat form Imuluan. He fought against Hive Fleet Leviathan where his sister, Eminielle, was killed: her spirit stone was later forged into his weapon
Alarielle: Guardian
Alladrios Kulcassian: Eldar Farseer of Alaitoc
Anath'lan: Deceased Biel-Tan Farseer. 
Anthrillien Morningchild: Autarch of Yme-Loc
Aradryan: Korlandril's friend and Ranger.
Achillrial: A fearless champion of the Craftworld Féin-Cineál and was one of the first of the Eldar's Autarchs. Upon his appointment to the Path of Command, Achillrial was gifted a helm that could capture light itself and its plume reflected colours like a sun-splashed prism. In battle the helm blinded Achillrial's enemies, preventing anyone from besting him in close combat, and although the helm's radiance drew an inordinate amount of the enemy's fire towards him, no shot could fell the Autarch. It was ultimately treachery that bested Achillrial and led to the downfall of his Craftworld. Now nothing remains of Féin-Cineál except the Autarch's helm, which is now known as the Shimmerplume of Achillrial.
Alishazier: Millennia-old Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer, who harboured a deep terror of joining the ranks of her crystallised predecessors. Unable to accept such a fate, she invested her psyche into the circuitry network of her Ghost Helm, so that her spirit might forever keep other Ulthwé Fareers safe from harm.
Almic the Wise: Saim-Hann Farseer
Anathroelle Starseeker: Farseer of Ulthwe. She led an attack on the Imperial space station Delugen in search of a Genestealer Cult. While she was successful in purging the infestation, her forces were ultimately driven off by the Black Templars.
Arenal: Alaitoc Farseer
Arhathain: Autarch of Craftworld Alaitoc
Arhulesh: Striking Scorpion.
Arthuis: Dark Reaper
Asdrubael Vect: Oldest know Dark Eldar and leader of the Black Heart Kabal.
Aulirel Doomhand: Striking Scorpion Exarch
Aurelia Malys: Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue
Aurentium: Thirianna's Father and Wishseer.
Auric Stormcloud: Ulthwe Farseer who is on a quest to stop a daemon prince.
Avenelle: Alaitoc Farseer
Aya: Windrider

Bechareth: Striking Scorpion (means Spirit on the Wind or Stranger).
Bellathonis: Master Haemonculus who has studied the ancient arts of Vlokarion and in the the Black Descent, and is among the most capable Haemonculi at resurrecting individuals who have long since died.
Bemenacth: Wraithlord of Craftworld Iyanden. A hero to the Eldar of Iyanden, she was killed fighting in the Battle of the Dying Sun.


Caelec: Also known as Caelec the Wanderer, was a famous Eldar explorer from Yme-Loc. In 794.M41 he breached a sealed runic portal, that unfortunately for him turned out to lead to Khorne's realm. A group of Flesh Hounds slew Caelec and followed his scent back to his Craftworld, causing utter carnage before they were finally defeated.
Caerys: Farseer of Ulthwé
Catritheyn: Alaitoc Farseer


Draech Starhand: Iyanden High Admiral (deceased)/Now a Wraithlord
Drekarth X'uskul: Dark Eldar Archon


Ebahn Lauma: Corsair Prince of the Baelstorm Avengers and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Edaia: Vyper Gunner
Eiladar Ys: Lugganath Farseer, who served in the Black Library's Black Council
Elarique Swiftblade: Autarch of Alaitoc
Eldanesh: Hero of legend
Eldorath Starbane: Farseer of Craftworld Alaitoc.
Eldrad Ulthran: High Farseer of Ulthwe and devote to Ynnead.
Elendri Deathsiren: The Crone Banshee Wraithlord (Iyanden)
Eliac Zephyrblade: Autarch Saim-Hann
Elissanadrin: Female Striking Scorpion.
Elleria: Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer.
Elshar: Exarch Striking Scorpions
El'Uriaq: Known as the Tyrant of Shaa-Dom, was one of the most powerful Dark Eldar Archon's in history.
Eminielle: Deceased sister of Alanthrasil her spirit stone is now infused with his weapon.
Eon Kull: Farseer Craftworld Dolthe. Manipulated Gaunt's Ghosts to his aid (deceased)
Erandel Voidsinger: Farseer of Craftworld Kaelor and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Ethrael: Yriel's Second in command


Faelanthil- Weapons Joyous Venture (deceased)
Fell Winter: Legendary Eldar Saim-Hann Chieftain, who led his Craftworld's forces in invading the Imperium world Dellerax
Ffaid Karhedra:  Eyslk-Tan Farseer, who served in the Black Library's Black Council
Fiarithin: Aspect Warrior.
Findrueir: Philosopher- Writer of Prophecies of Interrogation.


Gharonael: Striking Scorpion
Guentilian Onyxblade: Warlock of Altansar (deceased)


Herisianith: Shuttle Pilot
Hithrianair: Ancient long dead Sculptor.
Hrythar Dreamweave: Wild Rider Saim-Hann
Hylandris: Exiled Farseer from Anuiven


Iath Bloodweaver: A Corsair Prince, who once possessed the Gauntlet of the Forge; one of the Artefacts of Vulkan
Idranel: Ulthwe Farseer lead the Eldar forces in sub-sector Aurelia. She has goaded the Orks into attacking the Blood Raven's holdings
Ildrintharir: Ancient long dead Sculptor.
Illanor, the Augur: Saim-Hann Farseer who led a force from his Craftworld, to aid the Harlequins of the Masque of the Laughing Circus save a Maiden World
Illic Nightspear: Ranger from Craftworld Alaitoc.
Illithrys Goldenmane- Everguard of Alaitoc
Ilmarth- Corsair Prince of the Soul Reavers
Invaril Brightshard: Bonesinger, famous for constructing the first Infinity Circuit on Iyanden with the aid of Farseer Mehlendri Silversoul. It is said that Iyanden has never known a more skilled Wraithbone shaper than he, and while he is long dead his soul remains within the Wraithforge Stone to aid its wielder.
Iqbraesil: Iyanden Farseer, who once invited the High Inquisitor Czevak to his Craftworld, in order to allow the Inquisitor to learn more about the Eldar
Iraelun: Alaitoc Farseer
Iyanna Arienal: Spiritseer Iyanden



Kael: Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock
Kaeleth-Tul: Bonesinger, once renowned as the greatest in all of the galaxy, who resided on Craftworld Kinshara. It was this reputation that led Maugan Ra himself, to kidnap Kaeleth-Tul from his home; in order to teach him the art of Bonesinging. For many years the Bonesinger was kept captive and forced to teach Maugan Ra his art, in order to create the perfect weapon to be used by the Phoenix Lord: the Maugetar. Finally, Maugan Ra learned all he needed to and mutilated Kaeleth-Tul, taking his eyes, tongue and hands so that the Bonesinger would never tell anyone about or create a greater weapon than the one Maugan Ra had created.
Karadryel: Windrider
Karhedron: Farseer Unknown Craftworld
Kauerith: Farseer of Ulthwe, killed by Seraphim Superior Amelda during the Defence of Dimmamar
Kaydaryal: Sensor Control on Joyous Venture (deceased)
Kelmon Farsight: Farseer Iyanden (deceased)
Kenainath: The Deadly Shadow Exarch, Keeper of the Shrine.
Kethrian: Guardian
Kirandrin: Bonesinger.
Korlandril: 'Path of the Warrior' main character.
Kraillach: Archon and overlord of the Kabal of the Realm Eternal (deceased)
Kryasanth: Iyanden Farseer, who aided his Craftworld in invading the Imperium-held Maiden World Davinuus.
K'shaic: Archon of the Bladed Lotus
Kysaduras the Anchorite: Eldar Mystic, set Eldrad on the path of Ynnead.


Laconfir: Biel-Tan
Laurenuin: Merchant Joyous Venture (deceased)
Lord-Pheonix Deathspinner- Wraithlord possibly Wraithseer (Iyanden)
Lord-Phoenix Ironstorm: Wraithlord Biel-Tan
Lord-Phoenix Madallaith: Wraithlord Biel-tan
Lorith: Warlock of Alaitoc
Lorizael: Windrider


Maerthuin: Dark Reaper.
Manyia: Child on Joyous Venture (deceased)
Mauryon: Biel-tan
Mehlendri Silversoul: Farseer of Iyanden living in M33. She was one of the first to recover Waystones from Crone Worlds and use her Bonesingers to adapt them to an Infinity Circuit. At the end, Silversoul realized that a soul must be made to awaken the Circuit, and she chose to offer herself. Legend says that her spirit lingers at the border between the dead and living worlds, welcoming the fresh dead into the Circuit's embrace.
Mirehn Bielann: Unknown Farseer
Mithrainn: Striking Scorpion.
Morr: An Incubus who has faithfully and loyally served the Kabal of the Realm Eternal for many generations, upholding the Silent Brotherhoods oaths to his Archon
Muon Nol: Dire Avenger Exarch, unknown Shrine Red Plume. Craftworld Dolthe.


Neamoriun: Gifted singer, Fire Dragon (deceased).
Neridiath: Pilot of Joyous Venture (deceased)
Nestra Orphiel: Spiritseer of Craftworld Alaitoc. During the Carnac Campaign she would enter the Craftworld's Infinity Circuit to gather the Soulstones of Alaitoc's heroes to form the Continnum, a group of Wraith-constructs, to aid in their battle against the Necrons. 
Nhilus the Ardent: A Corsair Prince whose raids targeted Volyn, a Mining World.
Nuadhu: Saim-Hann High Chieftain (Autarch)
Nueleth: Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock.
Nyos Yllitian: Archon of the Kabal of The White Flame


Oristran: is a Craftworld Ulthwé Warlock.


Petrillien: Iyanden Farseer, who aided his Craftworld in invading the Imperium-held Maiden World Davinuus.


Quaillindral: Exarch Iyanden


Requiel: Sons of Fuegan (Fire Dragons)


Saarain: Guardian
Saarania: A Princess and currently the commander of the Void Dragons Corsairs.
Saimesh Roh: Wraithknight
Sellisarin: Aspect Warrior
Shear'ann: Spiritseer of Craftworld Iyanden. When Iyanden's forces began to fair poorly in battle with an Ork horde of the Evil Sunz Clan, Shear'ann was charged with killing the Warlord that led them.
Shiera: Howling Banshee
Sunspear: Autarch of Iyanden. In 999.M41 he led the purges of populated worlds (many inhabited by humans) in the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan in an attempt to starve the aliens of resources.
Sylandri Veilwalker: A mysterious Harlequin Shadowseer of the Masque of the Veiled Path


Taec Silvereye: Farseer on Craftworld Iyanden. The Farseer oversaw Iyanden's defenses alongside Prince Yriel and Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal when the Craftworld was assaulted by Waaagh! Rekkfist. Taec Silvereye died during the Battle of Duriel, sacrificing himself to activate the Fireheart to destroy a remnant of Hive Fleet Kraken.
Taerathu: Shield controls Joyous Venture (deceased)
Taldeer: Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer
Talyesin Fharenal: Craftworld Saim-Hann Female Autarch
Taolis Eversong: High Farseer of Idharae.
Tarvaril Ciaradh: Craftworld Iyanden Spiritseer and a disciple of Iyanna Arienal. When the sound of war calls, he leads the wraith hosts of the Tower of Blue Starlight to battle.
Thirianna: Korlandril's Companion and friend, ex-Dire Avenger.
Traevelliath Sliscus: Dark Eldar Corsair, known as "The Serpent". He has been described by Lady Malys as "amoral, despicable and impeccably dressed into the bargain"
Turial: Craftworld Ulthwé Farseer
Tyleannar: Biel-Tan Farseer, who led a strike force that successfully destroyed the corrupted Craftworld, Lanimayesh


Ulthanash: Eldanesh friend, hero of legend.
Ulthos: Farseer of Alaitoc
Ulthyr Ellarion: Corsair Lord
Uriathillin: Famous Eldar Poet.


Vakillar U'riss: Haemonculus and a member of the Conclave of Tears.
Vhane Kyharc: The current Archon of the Kabal of the Black Myriad
Vlokarion: An infamous Dark Eldar Haemonculus of Commorragh, said to be second only to Urien Rakarth in accomplishments.


Wei-yannil: Exodite Lord
Witherchill: Was the Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, when he led the Kabal and its allies in raiding the Imperium Hive Alarum. Killed in Action.


Xelian: Dark Eldar Archon, leader of the Kabal of the Blades of Desire (Deceased)


Yaelindra: Archon of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Blackened Tear
Ydraethir: Sculptor a rival of Korlandril.
Yrannae: Autarch of Craftworld Saim-Hann, who served as Chieftain Fell Winter's second in command
Yriel: Corsair Prince of the Eldritch Raiders.
Yrn-fae, the Lighting Bolt from a Summer Sky: Saim-Hann Swooping Hawk Exarch, who was part of Chieftain Fell Winter's forces


Aeldar Ship Classes

"Let not the fear of death stay your hand nor defeat your courage. The warrior who will prevail is the one who conquers death, who becomes one with death as we have" - Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra


"War is my master; Death my mistress" - Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra


Alai Mercenary Corps- Unknown

Alai-Myan AllianceUnknown

Alaitoc Warp HuntersUnknown

Balestorm AvengersThe Balestorm Avengers are one of the Eldar groups operating within the Jericho Reach

Black SunsUnknown

Children of Thorns- A weaker Dark Eldar Kabal. Exiled from Commorragh, the Children of Thorns consist of ex-slaves, fugitives, dregs and fallen lords who have come together in an attempt to regain their glory.

Crow SpiritsUnknown

Duke Sliscus' Sky Serpents- The Sky Serpents are a group of Dark Eldar Corsairs under the command of Traevelliath Sliscus, better known as Duke Sliscus. Taking their name from Sliscus's nickname, "The Serpent", the Sky Serpents are infamous across the galaxy and known for their unpredictable behavior and attack patterns.

Ellarion's Raiders- Lead by Ulthyr Ellarion the Corsair Lord and are active in the Calixis Sector. His motives for being in the sector are unclear. Some say he is searching for a precious Soul Stone, others that he simply revels in the thrill of the hunt and finds Mankind to be excellent sport. Battlefleet Calixis has pursued Ellarion and his raider fleet for four centuries to no avail. He frequently raids Merchant Fleet shipping in the sector, having scored over a thousand successful raids against shipments

Executioners corsair band - Played a role in the Gothic War.

Golden SquadronUnknown

Howling SerpentsUnknown

Myan Agents of SilenceUnknown

Scarlet CommandUnknown

Sky Raiders- The Sky Raiders are a warband of Eldar Corsairs. They fought in support of Craftworlds Mymeara and Alaitoc in the invasion of Betalis III and the battle of the Karina Nebula fought immediately afterwards. They Sky Raiders are notorious for the viciousness of their attacks, raids of such brutality that they are often mistaken for incursions by Dark Eldar.

Sky ReaversUnknown

Soul Reavers Pirates- Gothic War

Sunblitz Brotherhood- The Sunblitz Brotherhood are a group of Eldar
Corsairs believed by the Ordo Xenos to be aligned with Craftworld Alaitoc. They took part in the Eldar invasion of Betalis III in conjunction with Alaitoc, Mymeara, the Void Dragons and Sky Raiders. They are known to have a tense relationship with the Void Dragons, and during the battle in the Betalis system they may have fired on one another.

Twilight Swords- The Twilight Swords are a band of Eldar Corsairs who are particularly active in the Koronus Expanse. First being identified in the Heathen Stars in 789.M41 by Rogue Traders, unlike most Eldar Corsairs who usually tread the Path of the Outcast, they maintain close ties to Craftworlds such as Kaelor. They have been seen fighting alongside Kaelor's Aspect Warriors and Dragonships.
The Twilight Swords seem to relish in their piratical and wild lifestyle however. Dressed in gold and crimson red, they prefer wild melees and lightning-fast raiding to traditional combat. The Warband seems to also be bound by a complex code of honor, though they nonetheless are known to violate these edicts if it puts them at a disadvantage

Steeleye Reavers- Strong ties to Ulthwe with many of their members hailing from there.

Void Dragons- The Void Dragons are a group of Eldar Corsairs known for their use of the Void Dragon Phoenix and Vampire Hunters fighter crafts. They are perhaps one of the most infamous and dangerous Corsair warbands, operating across the galaxy and estimated to operate at least 3,500 ships. They have been encountered in the Cadian Gate, Tau Empire and the Halo Stars. Their attacks hold no predictable pattern, and range from ambushes against Chaos raiders near the Eye of Terror to the mass enslavement of the Imperial Penal Colony of Vorenz-IV, to fighting against the Ork Empire of Charadon. They also saw action in the Betalis III System in conjunction with Mymeara, Alaitoc, and other Corsair bands like the Sunblitz Brotherhood. In 140.M40 the Void Dragons became involved in the conflict on Vern IV between the Death Spectres and the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn. Currently, they are under the leadership of the haughty Princess Saarania.

Void WatchersUnknown

Xian's Black Raiders- Allies of Ulthwe

Yriel's Eldritch Raiders- The Eldritch Raiders are a fleet of Eldar Corsairs under the command of Prince Yriel. Though Yriel and his Corsairs have officially left their Craftworld of Iyanden to raid Imperial shipping, the Eldritch Raiders still respond to the defense of their Craftworld in times of need. Their raids have been responsible for claiming over eleven thousand Human, Hrud, Tau, Chaos, and Tau ships.


"There’s only one true path in life – the path that leads to war" - Mauryon of Biel-tan

Ybaric Exodites: Dragon Knights allies of Iyanden
Worldsingers: Gifted Exodite Eldar who are able to manipulate nature, roughly equivalent in ability and role to Bonesingers of the Craftworlds. Pure of spirit, Worldsingers are one with nature and can spontaneously grow vegetation and forestry from seemingly thin air.


"Feel the rush of the wind against your skin and hear her keening cry in your ears. Listen to her call well, for are we not the Wild Riders, the children of the storm?" - Nuadhu 'Fireheart'

Asuryan: The greatest of all the Eldar Gods, and the one who bears the greatest influence amongst the others in heaven.

Cegorach: The laughing god, patron of the Harlequins. Escaped into the Webway whilst Khaine fought Slaanesh.

Isha: The Eldar Goddess of both creation and the harvest, who created the Eldar race and who loved her people without question.

Kaela Mensha Khaine: The Eldar God of War whose was all but destroyed by the Yngir when they fought and cast down into the form of the mighty Eldar Avatars which reside within the centres of each of the Craftworlds.

Kurnous: Another Eldar God of which little is known about him or his role within the Eldar myths and legends, but what is known is that he is depicted as the hunter.

Lileath/Lilcarth: The Eldar Goddess of Dreams, and whose name takes two forms, Lileath and Lilcarth, which literally mean the same Eldar Goddess.

Lhilitu: A Dark Muse and the Consort of the Void. Its worshippers, a mysterious sisterhood, are desired by Archons to have as their courtesans, both for being imaginative lovers and exceptional poisoners. They descend from the Cult of Llamaea, whose courtesans elite also worship Lhilitu, and use knowledge of poisons of Shaimesh.

Morai-Heg: Known as the Crone, who is the Eldar God of Fate and Souls, and believed to be the guiding spirit behind all plans and that of fate.

Shaimesh: A Dark Muse and the Lord of Poisons. He is favoured by assassins and murderers and is the treacherous brother of the legendary figure Saim-Hann the Cosmic Serpent (presumably for whom the craftworld had been named). Dark Eldar Haemonculi consider themselves practitioners of Shaimesh's dark art.

Vaul: The Eldar smith god who created what is believed to be the first direswords for Khaine and his warriors when he was fighting the Yngir.

Ynnead: The God of the Eldar dead, unto which all Eldar spirits passed unto before the Great Enemy came into existence.


"The time for using the knife to remove this cancer is long gone. Bring forth the torch" - Exarch Quaillindral

May the Blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination:
Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat

If the truth were hidden, perhaps a lie would be told.
Da gceilfi an fhirinne, b'flieidir go neosfai breag.

It was so dark that we thought night had come.
Bhi se chomh dorcha gr cheapamair go raibh an oichie tagtha.

Craftworld Names and Meanings

"We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a Human can understand" - Requiel of the Sons of Fuegan (Fire Dragons)

Note: most have an unknown meaning, if you have found reference to it I would love to know about it.

Alaitoc- Unknown
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Blue and Yellow
Favoured Units- Rangers, Pathfinders
Rune Meaning- The Doom of Eldanesh: Eldanesh was an Eldar hero who was slain by the jealous war god Khaine. The symbol of Alaitoc depicts the sword of Khaine bisecting the Red Moon, the sign of Eldanesh. The Red Moon is an ill-omen for most Eldar and the Alaitoc use it to remind them of what happens if mortals offend the gods.

Alurmen- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Traders, Explorers
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Altansar- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Deep Red and Black detailing
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning: The Broken Chain: Reference to the escape of Kurnous and Isha from Khaine's dungeon, but also the the shattering of the links that bound Vaul to his anvil. The broken infinity loop above the rune was adopted after their escape from the Eye of Terror.

Anuiven- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

An-lolsus- Unknown
Location- Gothic Sector
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Aon'tai- Unknown
Location- Southern Rim - Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Arach-Qin- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Black, purple helmet, red faceplate, beige details
Favoured Unit- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Biel-Tan- Rebirth of Ancient Days

Location- Southern Rim - Fractured
Colours- White, Green
Favoured Units- Aspect Warriors, Exarchs, Autarchs.
Rune Meaning - The Reborn: This rune stands for the principle of reincarnation, a fate thought to have befallen every Eldar before the Fall. The symbol denotes the craftworld of Biel-Tan, whose name means 'Rebirth of Ancient Days'. For them, winter has fallen on the Eldar but the Biel-Tan are convinced that spring will soon return.

Black Library- The Black Library is spoken of by Eldar as a dark Craftworld existing within the Webway, far beyond the reach of the Imperium. Within are collected tomes and writings describing the Eldar's studies of the warp. These writings describe all aspects of Chaos: its perils, promises and horrors. The Library is enclosed within a nearly impenetrable psychic barrier, and is watched and maintained by its Guardian-scribes, who collate and transcribe the knowledge of the Library, a task they have carried out since the Fall. It contains not just Eldar knowledge of Chaos; any knowledge of Chaos is taken and kept within the Library, such as a copy of the Book of Magnus. It is as much a source of knowledge for those who fight Chaos as it is a vault to keep dangerous knowledge hidden and protected from those who would misuse it.
Location- Webway
Colours- Black
Favoured Units- Guardian Scribes, Harlequins
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Ctho- The stuff of legend, Ctho is said to be lost.
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Dolthe- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Dorhai- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown
Eyslk-Tan- Unknown
Location- Unknown

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Fein-Cineal- Unknown
Location: Destroyed

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Idharae- Unknown
Location- Galactic south-east (Destroyed)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Il'sariadh- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Il-Kaithe- Knowledge of Blood
Location- Segmentum Obscurus
Colours- Green, Purple
Favoured Units- Bonesingers
Rune Meaning -The Helm of Eldanesh: The lay of the House of Eldanesh describes the Eldar Hero receiving an all-seeing helm from Asuryan himself. He defeats gods and monsters alike with the prescience it gives him, but in the end falls prey to his own curiosity and foresees his own demise at the hands of Khaine. The Eldar of Il-Kaithe view this rune to remind themselves that knowledge comes at a terrible cost. 

Ila-Manesh- Unknown
Location- Unknown (lifeless)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Iyanden- Light in the darkness
Location- Galactic south-east
Colours- Yellow, Blue
Favoured Units- Wraith-Constructs
Rune Meaning - The Shrine of Asuryan: Asuryan is not only the oldest but also the greatest of the ancient Eldar deities. He is father of the gods, the ancestor of all living things. This is the symbol of the craftworld Iyanden whose name means 'Light in the Darkness', a reference to the burning shrine of Asuryan, the final hope of the Eldar of Iyanden.

Iybraesil- Unknown

Location- Segmentum Pacificus 
Colours- Light Blue, White Helmets
Favoured Units- Howling Banshees
Rune Meaning - Wisdom from Pain: Also known as the Hand of Heg, in reference to the myth of Morai-Heg, the Crone. Wherein she persuades Khaine to sever her hand so she may drink the wisdom within. The Iybraesil Eldar revere this rune as meaning; No Knowledge is truly claimed without sacrifice.

Kaelor- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Obscurus, near the Eye of Terror
Colours- Red, Orange
Favoured Units: Guardians, Dire Avengers, Fast Vehicle Attack
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kalth'se - Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kher-Ys- Unknown
Location- Eye of Terror (Destroyed)

Colours- Green

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kinshara- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Lanimayesh- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning - Unknown

Lugganath- Light of Fallen Suns
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Fiery Orange, Black, Yellow 
Favoured Units- Corsairs, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Storm Guardians
Rune Meaning - The Black Sun: is a reference to the lost glories of the Aeldari home star systems. It is said if a viewer stares far enough into the void he would be able to see the last light of those dead stars - as close to a metaphor for hope.

Magc'Sithraal- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Insane Corasirs and Wraith Constructs

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Malan'tai- Unknown
Location- Destroyed 
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Meud-Wyaid- Unknown

Location- Unknown

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Mor-rioh'i- Unknown
Location- Shedim Drifts, Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Muirgaythh- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Mymeara- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Teal, Black
Favoured Units- Shadow Spectres
Rune Meaning: The Cursing Eye: in reference to the omniscient abilities of Asuryan, said to be able to perceive and to kill in the same instant. Asuryan's pitiless extermination of the brutal Yygghs epitomises the cull of a lesser race in it's comparative infancy, eradicating it before it can grow to endanger the noble Eldar race in any way.

Mynathensar- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Wraithbone, White
Favoured Units- Hemlock Fighters
Rune Meaning: Unknown

Saim-Hann- Quest for Enlightenment
Location- Segmentum Pacificus
Colours- Red, White, Black
Favoured Units- Windriders, Vypers
Rune Meaning - The Cosmic Serpent: In Eldar myth, this serpent is the only creature believed to exist in both the material and the psychic universes at the same time. Hence, the serpent is said to know all secrets, past and present. Because the Eldar for both 'snake' and 'secret knowledge' is 'Saim', this is the symbol of the Saim-Hann craftworld.

Sethoywan- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

She'enshar - Unknown
Location- Unknown (Destroyed)

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Telennar- Unknown
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Brown, black with orange helmets
Favoured Units- Rangers

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Theminarae- Unknown
Location- Quintus (Crashed)
Colours- Blue, Yellow

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Taial'shara- Unknown
Location- Eye of Terror (Destroyed)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Tuonoetar- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Ulthwé/Ulthanash Shelwe- Song of Ulthanash

Location- Eastern edge of the Eye of Terror
Colours- Black, Bone, White
Favoured Units- Farseers, Warlocks, Black Guardians
Rune Meaning - The Eye of Isha: This rune depicts the sorrow of Isha, the fertility goddess from whom the Eldar say they sprung. This is the symbol of Ulthwe craftworld, whose name is a contraction of 'Ulthanash Shelwe' meaning the Song of Ulthanash. This ancient song describes the lay of Eldanesh, who is the most revered of all Eldar Heroes.

Yme-Loc- Unknown

Location- Segmentum Obscurus
Colours- Grey, Orange
Favoured Units- Grav-tanks, Titans
Rune Meaning - The Crucible of Souls: according to legend within the Crucible the smith-god forged the weapons of purest wraithsteel alloyed with the spirits of the virtuous in order to wage the War in Heaven. It was in this crucible that the ninety nine and one Swords of Vaul were created. Yme-Loc uses the symbol claiming that the fate of the Eldar is theirs to forge.

Zahr-Tann- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Brown, Black, Blue
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Zandros- Unknown
Location- Unknown (Ruined)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown



"I hear the song of the celestial heavens, and the music is cacophonous. It is strange but I find comfort in its dissonance. Righting the discord of the universal opus is what’s given my people purpose when, by all rights we as a race should have collapsed in upon ourselves. It is in such moments when species find their greatness or settle back into the muck that spawned them... For myself I have purpose if only to correct one particular stray note in a symphony ran amok. Win or lose, this battle is already my victory, my triumph. It is now fate which decides whether I am there to celebrate that fact or not" - Farseer Taldeer, Craftworld Ulthwé

Aesyl-Sar: Crone World
Athelaq: Exodite World Segmentum Tempestus
Belial IV: Crone World
Black Library: Home of all the Aeldari's knowledge of Chaos. Located in the webway, protected by the Harlequins. Ghoul Stars.
Cegorachi: Exodite World (Edge of Ghoul Stars)
Charnac: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
C'nath: Exodite World (Edge of Ghoul Stars)
Commorragh: Webway Port City home to most of the Dark Eldar
Davinuus: Maiden World
Duriel: Destroyed to thwart the Tyranid advance Segmentum Tempestus.
Eth-aelas: Maiden World eaten by Hive Fleet Naga.
Eq'hai: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Es-thea: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Gnosis Prime: Seeded World
Halathel: Exodite world. World spirit eaten by the Tyranids Eastern Fringe.
Haranshemash: World of Blood and Tears Exodite World ravaged by Chaos.
Ishariel: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Mirienh: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Monthrax: Possible maiden world. Covered in Jungles with a Webway entrance to Craftworld Dolthe. Now closed following a battle against a Chaos Khorne Cult
Myrandias: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Naiatoc: Exodite World Segmentum Tempestus
Oelil: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Quilan: Exodite World (Edge of Ghoul Stars)
Rhildhol: Exodite World (Edge of Ghoul Stars)
Svehlin: Exodite World Segmentum Tempestus
Syph: Exodite World (Edge of Ghoul Stars)
Taneloth: War against Slaanesh
Tar-Etenil: Exodite World consumed by Hive Fleet Naga
Uralek Prime: Exodite World Segmentum Tempestus
Ursidhe-Ka: Exodite World The Eastern Fringe
Yurk: Sludge World sight of an Iyanden battle against the Orks.

Craftworld Locations

"There is still time to change the course of history" - Autarch Talyesin Fharenal, Craftworld Saim-Hann

Avenue of Starlight Secrets: Kilometer long balcony located on the starward side and food bars.
Bay of Departing Sorrows: Viewing deck of the Shipyard
Boulevard of Split Moons: Fashion and Jewelry shops.
Crescent of the Dawning Ages: Park
Dome of Crystal Seer: The Dome of Crystal Seers is a location within a Craftworld's wraithbone core, existing as a broad bio-dome littered with groves of tall wraithbone trees that reach out into space. It is here that the most ancient Farseers of the Eldar retreat. As Farseers reach greater and greater ages, their minds become so closely linked with the Craftworld's core that their physical bodies simply grow dormant. Within the Dome, the eldest of seers gradually crystallize and take root, until they turn entirely to crystal. The Farseer's spirit is then preserved forever within the psycho-conductive Infinity Circuit. In the wraithbone trees sprouting from the core, tiny Warp Spiders are seen. They can melt their arachnoid forms to move through the Infinity Circuit to protect the Dome and the entire Craftworld from invasive psychic entities.
Dome of Enchanting Echoes: Performance hall for Singers.
Dome of the Last Sunrise: Place of Celebrations.
Dome of the Midnight Forest's: Blue Grass, Groves of Lianderin trees.
Dome of New Suns: Place of Quiet thought.
Dome of the Rising Hope: Artificial Sun, Lilac beaches.
Dome of Sighing Whispers: Home to the Fallen
Gardens of Tranquil Reflections: Rose colour water and white sands.
Hidden Chamber: Located in the heart of the craftworlds Infinity Circuit, allowing Farseers some solitude.
Place of Answering: A place to voice concerns on the ruling council's decisions. 
Plaza of Reflection: Open city area.
The Dome of Midnight Twilight: Home to artwork depicting Chaos.
The Midnight Dome: Darkness and place for lovers.
Shrine of the Deadly Shadow: Striking Scorpions temple dark swamplands, trees inside with a Pyramid.
Shrine of the Ending Veil: Dark Reapers Temple.
Shuttle Vault: Cross hub transport monorail.
Tower of the Dormant Witnesses: Poet Commune.
Tower of the Eternal Welcomes: Docking Bay, encased in a bluish shield that keeps the vacuum at bay.
Tower of the Evening Melodies: Music Venue
Tower of Infinite Patience: Hotel.
Tower of Starlight Majesty: Building with stunning views
The Vale of Khaine: The district of the Aspect temples.

Lesser Known Paths

"... and the Engines of Vaul will smite them, and bring fire upon them, and in agony they will depart this realm, their souls screaming into the black void that awaits their pitiful race. And with their banishment there will be peace in this place, and we will be one step further along the road we must tread..." - Farseer Ulthos of Alaitoc

Bards of Twilight - Storytellers who are taught the Asuryata which is told once a Generation.
Everguard - Unknown purpose possibly ship security?

The Slicing Orbs: Eldar Aspect Warriors unique to the Craftworld of Zandros.

Other Bodies

"The stars themselves once lived and died at our command, yet you still dare to oppose our will" - Farseer Mirehn Bielann

The Black Council: Meets at the Black Library and is composed of the Eldar's most powerful Farseers

Conclave of Tears: Representatives of at least one craftworld, a corsair fleet and even a Dark Eldar Kabal make up this gathering of Aeldari forces in Jericho's Reach any lead by the Harlequins.

Harlequins Masques

"We may have won the battle, but our ancestors have lost their souls" - Prince Yriel

Frozen Stars-
Midnight Sorrow- 
Veiled Path- Known as tricksters, manipulators, and riddle-smiths, the Veiled Path are capricious even by Harlequin standards. Other Harlequins see them as dangerously untrustworthy, for they have been the architect of countless atrocities. It was they, for example, who sent one of their number to manipulate Prince Yriel into taking up the Spear of Twilight. It was the Veiled Path who indirectly set Lady Malys upon the road for her strange encounter in the Webway and the bond with the Laughing God that resulted.
Dark Kin Locations

Aelindrach: City-state bathed in Shadows, home of Mandrakes.
Bone Middens of the Wych Cults: Collection of skeletal xeno remains positioned in grim mock battles.
Commorragh: Greatest of the Webway Port Cities.
Ilmaea: The Stolen Suns or Black Suns
Khaine's Gate: A giant rent into the warp located in the central undercore of Commorragh.
Parched: Cadaverous ghoul like Dark Eldar.
River Khaides: Green acid river.
Sec Maegra/ Null City: aka Mercenary District including xeno races.
Shaa-Dom: Satellite realm to Commorragh. The seat of power of El'uriaq, Shaa-Dom and its overlord planned to one day dominate the Dark City. However the supreme overlord of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, captured a human starship and sent it crashing into Shaa-Dom through a Webway Portal. The city was devastated by the initial explosion, but the real damage came when the ship's Warp Drives detonated and opened up a rift to the Warp. Now flooded with Daemons, Shaa-Dom was sealed away from the rest of Commorragh on Vect's personal order
Ynnealidh: The Necropolis Below

Renown Kabals

All-Seeing Eye: One of the most secretive Dark Eldar Kabals and, though they are few in number, the Kabal acts as influential power brokers, between the various factions vying for power in Commorragh.
Baleful Gaze: Described as one of the Great Kabals of Commorragh
Bladed Lotus: One of the Great Kabals
Black Blade: Destroyed by the Raven Guard in the Heraclad Massacre of 865.M41

Black Heart: The single largest and most powerful Kabal in Commorragh, and because of this, they are the dominant power in the city. The Kabal's Supreme Lord is Asdrubael Vect, the oldest known Dark Eldar, and the supposed founder of the Dark City itself. The fact that the Kabal's founder is old enough to have witnessed first hand the birth of Slaanesh means that, along with being the largest and most powerful Kabal, they are also the first Kabal to be founded
Black Sun: They gained notoriety for trapping the incorporeal scientist Vorsch and using his technologies to launch large-scale terror attacks upon the peaceful Naiad Republic
Black Myriad: One of the great Kabals.
Blackened Tear: Infamous for poisoning an entire Imperial Hive World in 724.M36
Bladed Sun: Known for favouring overwhelming firepower in battle
Blades of Desire: Commanded by the battle-hungry warrior-queen Xelian, the Kabal employed large numbers of Wyches, as well as Hellions and Reaver packs
Bleaksoul Brethren: Operates out of Viridian Sound. They are known for their twisted sense of humour and shark-like teeth
Bloodied Claw: One of the older Kabals in Commorragh, led by Akhara'Keth
Envenomed Thorn: In 140.M40 it ambushed the Death Spectres on Vern IV, destroying almost all of the Chapter's Predator Destructors
Jade Knife: Hatred for Ulthwe
The Obsidian Rose:
Poisoned Tongue: They are a great and powerful Kabal of Commorragh, closely allied with Asdrubael Vect and the Kabal of the Black Heart.

Renown Covens

The Black Descent-
Renown Wych Cults

Hope this is of interest to you guys. Also suggest words to add.

Original Materials

As requested the locations of where I looked for these words. This is a project that has been worked on for a while and I never thought of recording page numbers etc. as I never thought it would leave my notebook but for those interested it's been from the current locations:

Rogue Trader (1987), Warhammer 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Editions, Eldar codex (2nd ed/3rd ed/4th ed), Codex Dark Eldar, Citadel Journal #17, White Dwarf #127 (orginal eldar army list), Codex: Titanicus, Codex Necrons, Warhammer 40,000 compendium, Warhammer 40k Wargear (2nd ed).

Black Library Novels: Shadow Point, Harlequin, Chaos Child, Farseer, Tales from the Dark Millennium, Warrior Coven, Path of the Warrior, Eldar Prophecy.

Also there is this web version of an Eldar dictionary that turns out has been around since the 1990's a more professional looking version. Thanks to David Grophland for bring it to my attention:
Eldar Language.

S102. Character Fact File: Rhode Island Red and Squid Face.

Hey, hey Dredd-heads. Bringing you some more Dredd goodness. This time we turn to the dreaded Cursed Earth and the home of Rhode Island...