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Sector 102 // The Undercity

Welcome Dredd-heads to another fluff update following on from the Organized Crime article. This time we delve into a part of the Dredd verse I really enjoy, the Undercity! This article is based off a blog entry by Mongoose Publishing, but is also taken from Dredd sites all over the internet, so there shouldn't be any issues having here. It's a long article but enjoy:

The majority of Mega-City One citizens have no desire to visit the shadowy world of the Undercity. Even in the direst of emergencies, most would rather face the radioactive wasteland of the Cursed Earth rather than the ruined streets and buildings far below the massive slabs of City Bottom. Many remember the terrible monsters that have occasionally emerged to threaten the City and believe that the dark underworld is crawling with similar creatures. Others are more straightforward and associate prestige with how high they live in the massive cityblocks – the very idea of living on City Bottom is repugnant; the tho…

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