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Comic Review 03 // Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 01

Today the post is all about Judge Dredd: Judge Dredd the Complete Case Files- 01 Digital Edition.
It is a long post so hold on tight. Judge Dredd the Complete Case Files 01, is a complete collection of stories from 2000ad. Starting with Dredd's first appearance in Prog 2 and finishing with prog 60. It also includes as a bonus: Bank Raid from the 1981 Annual and the Walter the Wobot strips.  This review is longer than the rest, so you have been warned.

I will be breaking the book into the different stories and will give the title, a brief overview and the highlights for me. It will be brief because I do not wish to give out too much of each story, also this post would be as long as War and Peace. I will then finish off with a quick overall review.

Simple hey? So let's get going.

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For almost thirty years, one man has dominated the British comic scene. He is judge, jury and executioner, a merciless far-future lawman deliverin…

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